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AcoustiXclusive: Bad Ideas – Here Comes Trouble

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There is something about nice weather that makes us want to go outside, like for our session with Bad Ideas front man Sam Cook. Watch him play their new song “Here Comes Trouble” below. Continue reading

AcoustiXclusive: Crazy Arm – I Ain’t Marching Anymore

If you are not familiar with Crazy Arm yet, you better start listening now! When at the World Skate Center in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, frontman Darren Johns played a special song for us from 60’s protest singer Phil Ochs. Watch him play “I Ain’t Marching Anymore” below.
Continue reading

Max William streams new song featuring Harker

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Isle of Wight-based Max William has his album “Long Distances” coming out in less than a month, and so he is giving us yet another preview. Listen to “Squanderer” below. Continue reading

AcoustiXclusive: Northcote – Regulars

banner Northcote

It is not strange that Canadian singer Matt Goud (Northcote) is on the road with Chuck Ragan. Both men have a rugged look, but tender songs. And Northcote proves that ones more with this new song that he played for us in Tilburg. Watch “Regulars” below! Continue reading

Turner records on stage for 9:30 Club’s Josh Burdette

banner Frank Turner

English folk punk troubadour Frank Turner has recorded a live track for his 2015 album. He recorded the still untitled song in the 9:30 Club in Washington DC as a tribute to the late Josh Burdette – longtime crew chief and icon of the venue. Continue reading

AcoustiXclusive: Chad Price @ Groezrock

banner Chad Price

When Chad Price is not doing stuff with Drag The River or ALL, he plays solo too. When Price is on Groezrock with ALL, he still plays solo for us though! And not just any song, but a brand new song! Listen to “Carrier” below! Continue reading

AcoustiXclusive: Crazy Arm at Groezrock

banner Crazy Arm
The MacBeth stage had the honour of having Crazy Arm on their stage at Groezrock, but we had the honour of filming a new Crazy Arm song! Watch “Brave Starts Here” now! Continue reading