I Am The Avalanche cancels Groezrock and European tour

Due to unknown reason I Am The Avalanche has announced their absence for Groezrock and the rest of their European tour with The Wonder Years. Their statement can be found below.

Hostage Calm will take over their set at the Etnies Stage, but Groezrock is still looking for a replacement for I Am The Avalanche’s acoustic set at the Fender Stage. You can let them know who you would like to see on Groezrock.be.

“Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not going to be able to come over to the UK and Europe in two weeks as we’d planned. To say that we’re disappointed is an understatement, since we’ve been stoked on playing shows with The Wonder Years and doing the Hit The Deck, Groezrock and Monsterbash fests for months now. We will, however, absolutely be back over there this summer, and can’t wait to come back and play music for all of you. Our deepest apologies about the current turn of events once again, and much love to all of you over in Europe and the UK.”



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