Album Review: Alkaline Trio – Damnesia

I know! I know! Damnesia is already out for a long time. But since we’ve just started, we are going to post some older albums on here as well. To start with Alkaline Trio‘s Damnesia, because the band is playing Groezrock April 29th.

Damn! Alkaline Trio hit the spot with Damnesia! The American punk rock trio has released seven album’s before, and instead of a Greatest Hits album, they have decided to release an acoustic album. Same principle, but way more intense than just simply putting together a list of songs you already recorded.

Even more, Alkaline Trio has put two previously unreleased songs on Damnesia ánd a cover of Violent Femmes’ ‘I Held Her In My Arms’. The cover suits Alkaline Trio, especially the lyrics. And with the folky/country sound, it also fits in with the new songs, ‘Olde English 800’ and ‘I Remember A Rooftop’. It makes you wonder how Olde English 800 and I Remember A Rooftop will sound when not performed acoustic.

Damnesia is an album that you should definitely listen to if you like the original songs, it surely takes you back. If you’ve never heard of Alkaline Trio before, the album is a great way to start with.


 Alkaline Trio on Facebook  Alkaline Trio on Twitter Damnesia on Spotify



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