Defeater ‘Live on BBC Radio 1’ stream

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The ‘Live on BBC Radio 1’ session hardcore band Defeater did for Mike Davies’ Punk Show is out digitally. The four-track contains one fully acoustic song, along some heavy tunes. Listen to the whole digital EP by reading more.

On the ‘Live on BBC Radio 1’ EP are the songs But BreathingWarm Blood RushBrothers and Empty Glass. Brothers is the only song fully acoustic, though we don’t want to let you miss out on the other songs. Guitarist Jay Maas said of the whole experience:

On every level imaginable, this experience was a dream come true for me. Every band from The Cure, and The Smiths to Hot Snakes, and American Nightmare has been recorded behind those walls. It’s nothing but an honor and a treat to now be included on that list.”

There will also be a vinyl release of the live recordings, though it will not feature the last song Empty Glass. It will be released on January 15th through their label Bridge Nine, but it is already available for pre-order here.
In the meanwhile, take a listen to the EP below.

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