Album Review: Vinnie Caruana – City By The Sea

City By The Sea

Vinnie Caruana has obviously had enough experience playing acoustic to record his debut EP. The I Am The Avalanche singer continues to amaze with his ever so raw voice, now accompanied with an easier sound. Read on for the review of his EP City By The Sea.

CityByTheSea_fullCaruana’s debut counts six songs just zinging with energy. Though the energy has been taken from the electric guitars, the way the American singer squeezes the words from his throat already makes you want to sing along. We have to learn the lyrics first though. Luckily, Caruana starts out really catchy with ‘Somehow The World Keeps Turning‘.  The catchy parts continues in ‘Boy, You’re In Heaven‘ although the song theme itself bittersweet. Even though the record contains all sorts of extra instruments (drums, keys, violin, claps et cetera), the songs are composed very conveniently that they won’t be missed when played stripped down to just vocals and guitar.

City By The Sea on Spotify

The only song that might not sound as explosive on stage is the title track ‘City By The Sea‘ with it’s long stretched chords. And still, the highlight of this EP has yet to come: it is the anthemic ‘If I’m A Battleship, Then You’re The Northern Lights (Thank You)‘, an cheerful ode to all his fans, showing true gratitude for all the support they’ve given him. That’s the whole feeling you get from the EP, as if Caruana has not even made this record for himself, but only for his friends and fans. With the up-tempo ‘Kingwood‘ closing this six track, there’s really only one big flaw: it only has six tracks, which keeps you hungry for me.

Reason enough to give it another spin – and another – to get to know the details on every song and to return the favour and say thank you to Vinnie once more.


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