Album review: Twin Forks – Twin Forks LP

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Twin Forks‘ self-titled debut album is out now in America. Europe has to wait a little while longer, but you can already read our review on Chris Carrabba‘s new band. 

Busy bee Carrabba had a desire to start a country/folk/roots band, after his solo album “Covered in the Flood”. Suzie Zeldin of The Narrative, Ben Homola of Bad Books and Jonathan Clarke decided to stick around and two years later, Twin Forks’ first full-length is out.

The record contains twelve tracks, and the way “Can’t Be Broken” builds up towards the chorus immediately grasps your attention. The lovely harmonies and mandolin by Suzie Zeldin, the claps and the overall happy sound of the album’s opener make you curious what the rest will sound like.

This upbeat feeling will continue for a while. But five of the first six songs we actually already know from their EP, released in September 2013. So when we look at the new work on this LP, “Kiss Me, Darling” really sticks out.  Fitted between the five Twin Forks “classics”, this completes the first half, full of energetic, cheerful songs.

Twin Forks - LP

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From “Danger” on, the record goes down two shifts, but continues in a steady pace. These songs are more reminiscent of Carrabba’s work in Dashboard Confessional, especially “Done”. This is a minor minus in comparison with the first half of this LP, as those tracks really defined Twin Forks as something completely different from Carrabba’s earlier work. Luckily, “Come On” has a bit more spark again.

Besides the side A and B on the vinyl copies, the Twin Forks LP does feel like two different EP’s. Perhaps if the songs were put on the album in a different order, it would have been more coherent. Nonetheless, Carrabba does do what he does best in Twin Forks too. No real harm done, and some nice new songs.


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