Helen Chambers releases first full length album

banner Helen Chambers
Helen Chambers, who appeared on a four way split album alongside Chuck Ragan, Sam Russo and Jimmy Islip in 2011, is releasing her first full length album. Listen to one of the tracks here!

The album is called Penny Arcade, includes ten tracks and is described as “her take on traditional country, folk and Americana with a distinctly English sound”. Chuck Ragan makes an appearance on an a capella track, and she had also had help from Joe Ginsberg and her band mates out of Dear Everyone.

The album will be released on June 2nd and you can stream a new song called “Embers” here.

Helen Chambers on: Facebook  Twitter Spotify

Click for bigger image

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1.Little Demons
3.Paper and Glue
4.Kiss the Floorboards
5.Little Black Birds
7.One Day One Night
9.Veronica Pearl
10. Steven Patrick



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