Chris Stowe’s “Hollow” out now

banner Chris Stowe

You might know him as the bass player in punk rock band White Wives, but for his solo work, Chris Stowe likes to take it slow. His album “Hollow” is out now, and you can stream it here!

That there is a somewhat of a dark side to Stowe’s music, is clear-cut from the start. But just like with Matt Pryor of The Get Up Kids, that is one of the upsides.

Click for bigger picture

Click for bigger picture

1. Blood Drinkers
2. Rain
3. Angeline
4. Sometimes They Give Us Beer For Free
5. Oh, Lonesome
6. Longer Than It Should Have
7. Hey Willow
8. Untitled
9. I Just Miss Her When I’m Drinking

“Hollow” is out through A-F Records and available on brown and green/black smoke vinyl, cd and digital.

Chris Stowe on: Facebook Twitter Spotify



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