Britain is facing “a meltdown in the live music circuit”

banner Frank Turner

Frank Turner has addressed an open letter to British Secretary of Culture Sajid Javid, claiming there will be a “meltdown in the British live music circuit” if British law does not change. The singer-songwriter is fighting for the existence of music venues across the land who are dealing with nuisance complaints.

In the video addressed to Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, Turner urges to change the UK Law. “UK law says that the business or person making the noise, is making the nuisance,  and they must manage it”, Turner says. He would like to see the Agent Of Change adopted. This would mean that whoever makes the change in an area, must make sure there is no nuisance. You can find the full video below.

Frank Turner also addresses music fans in the UK to sign a petition that can be found here. This petition is a collaboration between Frank Turner and the Music Venue Trust, supported by the Musicians Union, Music Industries Association, UK Music and other bodies in the music industry.

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