Deaf Havana frontman goes solo

banner James Veck-Gilodi

James Veck-Gilodi, frontman of Deaf Havana, has announced his eponymous solo project and first show. Well, not entirely solo, band mate Maxwell Britton will help him out too. More details below.

James Veck-Gilodi’s first show has already been announced and will take place in London on Monday 27 October, in St Pancras Old Church. Tickets will be available through Live Nation on Friday 19 September at 9:00 AM.

A Facebook page and Soundcloud account have been registered for Veck-Gilodi’s solo project. Whether him going solo also means the end for Deaf Havana, is not certain.

[UPDATE] Deaf Havana posted on Facebook that they will certainly not break up and that the rumours are false.

James Veck-Gilodi show London



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