Alcoa’s “Thank You” EP gets vinyl release

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Derek Archambault of Defeater and Alcoa recently had a hip surgery, which was funded through PledgeMusic. The return favour, the “Thank You” EP recorded by Derek for the campaign, will now be getting a vinyl release thanks to his label Bridge Nine Records.

The vinyl version of the “Thank You” EP will be released on December 2 with pre-orders up soon. The record consists out of five covers and will be pressed on two variants of 12 inch vinyl. All songs will be on one side, with the B-side screen printed or etched. The bands Archambault covered are Make Do And Mend, I Am The Avalanche, Blacklisted, Elder Brother and – surprisingly – his own band Defeater.

Click for full size image

Click for full size image

1. Shambles (Make Do and Mend)
2. Young Kerouacs (I Am the Avalanche)
3. Stations (Blacklisted)
4. Who’s Gonna Carry You Home? (Elder Brother)
5. I Don’t Mind (Defeater)

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