Beans on Toast needs “A Whole Lot of Loving”

banner Beans On Toast

After “The Chicken Song”, Beans on Toast has set his mind on another subject with “A Whole Lot of Loving”. With “The Grand Scheme of Things” coming out December 1st, we can only show the London singer-songwriter love. Check out his new video!

What will he sing about next time? We don’t know either, but “A Whole Lot of Loving” sure gets our hopes up. The pre-order for Beans on Toast’s new record is still online here.

Click for full size image

Click for full size image

1. Folk Singer
2. The War on War
3. Fuck You Nashville
4. The Chicken Song
5. Stinging Nettles
6. Lizzy’s Cooking
7. A Whole Lot of Loving
8. Flying Clothes Line
9. All I see is Wagamama
10. NOLA Honeymoon
11. NYE

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