Get in the mood for Christmas with Front Porch Step

banner Front Porch Step

Front Porch Step will be releasing his EP “Whole Again” on December 2, featuring a cover of Bing Crosby‘s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas“. The song is now streaming, so grab a cup of hot cocoa, put on your holiday sweater, get cozy in your lazy chair and give the tune a couple of spins!

For those not familiar with the original recording by Crosby, check it out!

“Whole Again” will be out through Pure Noise Records, and is available digital and on cd and vinyl. You can pre-order the EP here, with an instant gratification download of “A Lovely Mess” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”.

Click for full size image

Click for full size image

1. A Lovely Mess (Produced By Alan Day)
2. Heaven Sent (Produced By Ace Enders)
3. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
4. Whole Again

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