Harker to release new single “Gasping For Air”

banner Harker band

Harker has never sounded as complete as they do on their new single “Gasping For Air“. Wondering how it sounds? Stream the song after the jump!

Harker is making a quick rise after releasing it’s EP “Hours”. What once started as Mark Boniface‘s solo project has formed into a full band. And whilst the band is “gasping for air”, we want to name them in one breath with Brian Fallon/The Gaslight AnthemDave Hause/The Loved OnesChuck Ragan/Hot Water Music and The Lawrence Arms. They deserve it, and when you have heard Harker’s new song, you will know why too.

Click for full size image

Click for full size image

1. Gasping For Air
2. Still Seething

Mark explains to New Noise Magazine: “The song is about how growing up playing music implants a mindset into your brain where you can no longer adapt to a normal working existence. As soon as a tiny insight of this feeling looms over me I panic, as the last thing I want to do is be trapped in my own little existence, repeating the same day until i’m in the ground.”

“Gasping For Air” will be released through No Panic! Records and Shield Recordings on 7-inch coloured vinyl. The pre-order will be available on November 24.

Harker on: Facebook  Twitter Spotify



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