LIVE: Twin Forks at Bitterzoet

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Chris Carrabba and co, better known as Twin Forks, visited Europe for just two Dutch shows. We were lucky enough to be able to visit them in Bitterzoet in Amsterdam, and oh boy…

Twin Forks is excited. With a swift beat and up-tempo guitar play in “Can’t Be Broken” they start their set cheerful. About a hundred people are watching the nowadays five-piece in the small venue in Amsterdam, which automatically makes the set quite intimate. Carrabba continues with “Something We Just Know” and a cover of Steve Earle‘s “Galway Girl“, which is the first of many covers in this set. Even their new song “When The Fall Comes” sounds like a folky rendition of “I Fought The Law”.

Unlike on their album, the set tonight switches between up-tempo and slow songs. This makes the set vivid and never a moment dull. Both Kelsie Baron (mandolin) and Sara Bost‘s voices harmonise perfectly with that of Carrabba, whilst the latter jumps for joy on stage. Next to singing along to the songs the band is playing, the audience keeps very quiet, showing their respect to the artists. In return, the band involve the crowd in songs like “Come On” by teaching them what to sing.

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After covering Cory Branan‘s “Tall Green Grass“, Chris Carrabba wants to do something different. This results in him playing the title track of his other band Dashboard Confessional‘s debut album “The Swiss Army Romance“. Even though it looks like the rest of Twin Forks is still a bit uneasy with what they should do during these solo songs, the crowd is loving the song. It turns out most people present do know Carrabba’s previous projects.

The band has a few more covers in store, such as Weezer‘s “El Scorcho” – with everyone singing along the chorus – and another Branan song (“Skateland“). In between the songs, Twin Forks is talking to and joking with the crowd, and clearly having a good time. They are here in Europe for just two shows and enjoying every moment. Drummer Shawn Zorn, who replaced Ben Homola in the band, thanks everyone for coming to the show and making him feel welcome on his first time in Europe.

During the next two Dashboard songs, “The Best Deceptions” and “Hands Down“, the rest of the band is feeling more comfortable and singing and playing along with ‘Chris his songs’. They have saved the best for last though, with three Twin Forks folk anthems that will be stuck in everyone’s minds for the rest of the night. Everybody in Bitterzoet is chanting during “Scraping Up The Pieces” and “Cross My Mind“, but during the ‘encore’ “Back To You” – even though the band stays on stage – you can feel the unity between band and crowd. A truly remarkable performance.

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SETLIST (not complete):
Can’t Be Broken
Something We Just Know
Galway Girl (Steve Earle)
When The Fall Comes
Come On
Tall Green Grass (Cory Branan)
The Swiss Army Romance (Dashboard Confessional)
Who’s Looking Out
El Scorcho (Weezer)
Skateland (Cory Branan)
The Best Deceptions (Dashboard Confessional)
Hands Down (Dashboard Confessional)
Scraping Up The Pieces
Cross My Mind
Back To You



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