Interview What’s Eating Gilbert: “I do not have to be deep”

banner What's Eating GilbertIt has been quiet around the What’s Eating Gilbert camp with the release of a new New Found Glory record. Still, Chad Gilbert is always doing something. We sat down with the guitarist before the New Found Glory concert in Utrecht to tell us more.

With New Found Glory’s (NFG) “Resurrection” out on the streets, it’s hard to work on his side project What’s Eating Gilbert. "Right now there is not a lot of time for What's Eating Gilbert, because of the new NFG record. We have enough time in between touring with NFG to do our own thing, so I did manage to record a new What's Eating Gilbert album, but my focus right now is on 'Resurrection' and how much we love it."

Still, Chad always finds time to write new material for both New Found Glory and What’s Eating Gilbert. "I never know when songs will come out, as I don't have a set way of writing a song. I could be at your house hanging out, you can have a guitar laying in your room and I can suddenly write a riff. I could be at a music store and pick up a weird looking guitar and just start playing. Sometimes I write songs when I don't even have a guitar; I'll write the riff in my head, sing it in my phone, listen to it later at home and play it on guitar. Just a couple of night ago I wrote a new New Found Glory song during sound check."

The new album, ‘That New Sound You’re Lookin’ For‘, is ready to be released, but will not see the light of day until ‘sometime next year’. "I do not want to just put it out. I want to be able to talk about it and tour it, which I can not do now", says Gilbert. "When you are on the road with one band, your other projects are on hold."

It will be a slightly different album than his first singles, too. "I started What's Eating Gilbert in 2010 after a big break-up. I needed an new outlet. I started writing stuff that did not fit NFG, but still felt like me. That is what makes it cool. The throwback songs What's Eating Gilbert does, just like the oldies - Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly - do not have to be real stories. They do not have to have a crazy deeper meaning. Some do, but it is more about writing a fun, poppy song that everyone can enjoy. I feel most New Found Glory fans expect our lyrics to have a deeper meaning. Something more cut to the bone, more self-exposed, something they can connect to."

Gilbert hopes to make it to Europe when ‘That New Sound You’re Lookin’ For’ is out. "I do have fans, but they are so scattered across the world. New Found Glory is a self-run machine, but What's Eating Gilbert is just me, getting help from other people. I have to pay musicians, rent a van and do everything myself, so touring with What's Eating Gilbert is quite expensive. It is easier in the United States. Back home I have more of a following, I can borrow gear or a van from friends. It is going to take some time until I have enough fans and I can afford touring Europe. But if a festival like Groezrock or so would ask me to come over and play, I would love to come."

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