Download Joey Cape’s One Week Record for FREE!

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Joey Cape‘s own One Week Records is out, and you can download it for free of the label’s website! It seems ‘Caper’ has recorded acoustic covers of four Lagwagon songs and a Bad Astronaut song. For more details, please read on.

Covers“, as the cover suggests the album is called, was only recorded a week ago at Joey Cape’s home studio “the Crank Lab” with the help of Brian Wahlstrom. The five-track can be downloaded here for free as mp3, 16-bit or 24-bit.

Joey’s comments on the recording process:
"Working on my OWR with Joey Cape was an amazing experience. Joey was supportive yet unobtrusive like a fly on the wall. At times, his incredible good looks are distracting though. His family, Kristen and Violet, were friendly and always accommodating.
A few complaints; Joey made me set up and break down all the gear and asked me to engineer while I played, which was tough. At times Violet made thumping noises upstairs that appear on my record like off-time kick drums. Whenever I saw Kristen, she pushed coffee like a drug. It’s like “Easy lady, I’m working on an acoustic album here”. The dog, “Mochi”, looks like a gremlin, something I imagine a guinea pig would look like if  there were guinea pigs in Batman. Her collar sounds like a small tambourine and randomly appears on your record whether you ask for it or not.
All in all its pretty cool recording at the Cape Estate. I just wish Joey wasn’t so handsome.

Also check out One Week Records‘ previous releases, including Brian Wahlstrom, Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners and Jo Bergeron.

Below you can see Joey Cape play “Laymen’s Terms” at FEST 8 in 2009.

1. Obsolete Absolute (Lagwagon)
2. Sick (Lagwagon)
3. The Worst (Lagwagon)
4. Good Morning Night (Bad Astronaut)
5. Laymen’s Terms (Lagwagon)

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