PJ Bond announces new album, streams “Broad Street”

banner PJ Bond 3

American Americana artist PJ Bond will be releasing his new album “Where Were You?” through his new label Xtra Mile Recordings. The first single of the new record,  “Broad Street” can be streamed below.

Xtra Mile and Bond got in touch through label mate Billy the Kid, who got a track by Bond on Xtra Mile’s Xtra Mile High Club compilation. It fit the label so well, that they wanted to release Bond’s upcoming album.
Bond: “Xtra Mile is one of the rare labels where it seems that they put out music that they truly believe in, and are not so much constrained by genre that they'll question whether or not it is a 'good idea'. This approach by clearly music-loving people is what drew me most to XMR, and was supported by everyone with whom I spoke about them. Honesty, respect, heart, these are the common threads. All in all, I think I've found a lovely home.

Pre-orders for the album are live now through Xtra Mile (cd/digital) and Black Numbers/No Sleep Records (LP) with an instant gratification of the single “Broad Street”. “Where Were You?” will be out on 4 May.

1. Everglades
2. Broad Street
3. Calm In The Corner
4. Seer
5. ’87 Broadcast
6. Hellfire
7. The Better Option
8. Neighborhoods
9. For J.
10. Lucknow To Birmingham
11. We Were Just Kids

PJ Bond on: Facebook  Twitter Spotify



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