Real Friends: “Spicing it up and stripping it down”

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Illinois’ Real Friends will be releasing their second acoustic EP this Saturday on Record Store Day, simply entitled “More Acoustic Songs“. We sat down with bass player Kyle Fasel to talk about the upcoming EP and acoustic music in general.

"First off: I love acoustic music. I love acoustic versions of songs. I always look at the bonus tracks of special releases of albums to listen to those tracks that are different from the normal version. That’s why we wanted to do it too, it is something special. We want to be a band that constantly releases music, as much as we can. And I think these little extra things are cool. It does not always have to be full length after full length."

"A lot of people responded well to our early acoustic stuff and as we wanted to release it in April, it lined up nicely with Record Store Day. It was a great opportunity to do something special for the fans. The first acoustic EP has only been released online, because we were not on a label yet and we did not have the money for a proper release. That was very early on in our career, so it is cool we can do it now and have it looked at in a bigger light."

1. I Don’t Love You Anymore
2. Late Nights In My Car (ft. Kevin Jordan of This Wild Life)
3. Summer
4, Island (cover The Starting Line)

"We wanted to bring the bird feeder on 'Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing' back on the artwork for the acoustic EP. I think it’s actually meant to hold water on the bottom, but it is all rusted out and broken. Not a lot of people know it, but it is supposed to signify change. There are two birds on there, one is all rusted out and one is totally white. Our singer Dan [Lambton] came up with that and it really fits our full-length, so we thought we would bring it back on the cover for the acoustic EP."

"For the EP’s we have done, we did not have to write the songs any more. Earlier on we did write our songs on acoustic, but nowadays we write on electric guitar. For an acoustic version you just have to slow it down a little bit, add some extras and even take some things away. For example, there is minimal percussion on the EP to make it a more chilled out version. It is convenient that the song is already written, so it is more spicing it up and stripping it down."

Record Store Day will be held on Saturday April 18. “More Acoustic Songs” will be out through Fearless Records on 12-inch disc with etched B-side, with 2000 pieces distributed world wide. A digital release of the EP will be available on April 28th.

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