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Laura Mardon is the sixth person to have recorded for One Week Records at Joey Cape‘s home studio in San Francisco. The London singer-songwriter, currently residing down under, released her debut album on April 14. Please read on for our full review.

Mardon’s debut record comes with ten beautiful songs that will grip you and will not let go. The vulnerability in her voice sets her apart from her female colleagues in the genre. Although it may not be fair to compare, songs contain hints of the likes of Frank Turner, Kimya Dawson and at times even Skinny Lister. That being said, Laura has her own unique voice and style.

1. Hail Hail The Dead Can Dance
2. Don’t Worry Doll
3. Falling Fallen
4. Visiting Hours
5. Lobby Floor
6. It Rained When They Took Her Away
7. Apologies Apologies
8. Cut Ups
9. The Sweetest Notes
10. Stella Wake

Songs like “Hail Hail, the Dead Can Dance“, “Falling, Fallen” and “Cut Ups” are all goosebumps material, but the record is really solid as a whole. Although almost every song is drenched in memories and nostalgia, each one has it’s own heart and soul which makes it worthwhile from the first song to the last one. All I can do is step up, take a bow and congratulate Laura on delivering such a magnificent debut record.


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