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Album Review: Laura Mardon – One Week Record

banner Laura Mardon - One Week Record
Laura Mardon is the sixth person to have recorded for One Week Records at Joey Cape‘s home studio in San Francisco. The London singer-songwriter, currently residing down under, released her debut album on April 14. Please read on for our full review. Continue reading

Album Review: Night Windows – Musicassette/Magnetic Memory

banner Night Windows - Musicassette-Magnetic Memory

Night Windows is a project started by Ben Hughes from Pennsville, New Jersey. His self-produced album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory was crafted from the perspective of a young man facing a reality far different from the one promised him in his youth. As for our view on it… Continue reading

Album Review: Old Coyote Club – The Clubhouse Sessions

banner Old Coyote Club
Founded mid 2013, hailing from  Norfolk, United Kingdom;  Old Coyote Club have released their debut EP called “The Clubhouse Sessions”. And it is a sign of things to come! Read our review here. Continue reading