New Max William EP “Cope” out now

banner Max William

Isle of Wight’s Max William has released his new EP “Cope“. The six-track is up for download and can be streamed below.

“Cope” is the successor to William’s second full-length “Long Distances”, which was released August 1, 2014. The release comes with a bitter sweet message from William: “This may well be the last record I make for quite some time, I'm taking a step back from this whole music thing for a while but that's a whole other story and right now, I'm just glad I can share this record with people because it's definitely my favourite thing I've ever recorded."

Listen to the new EP below, or “pay-what-you-want” over here for the download.

1. Motionless City Soundtrack
2. Gazing
3. Springs Break
4. Skin On Skin
5. Fog
6. Cope

Max William on: Facebook Twitter Spotify



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