Live review: Groezrock 2017 Day 2

After a day of Groezrock you can expect people to be a bit tired, but the opposite is true. They are up bright and early, as is the sun today. So when the festival grounds open, day two of Groezrock could not start a better way. Read our review on the acoustic side of the second day of Groezrock below.

Belgium’s own F.O.D. played an acoustic session at the American Socks stand the day before, but has the honour to open on the main stage on day two. This time it is not acoustic of course, but they do play their finest. Plus, they already gathered a crowd almost as big as Saturday’s headliner Deftones.

Up next is the joyful sextet Skinny Lister with their upbeat folk rock. Although it seems they are not quite known yet, they are winning a lot of hearts over during this gig. And it seems even harder to withstand dancing and singing along when front woman Lorna Heptinstall hands down the ‘seventh member of the band’ – a huge jug of rum – to the crowd and then even climbs down the stage to dance with them. Songs as “John Kanaka“, “Rolling Over” and even newer songs such as “Charlie” get the crowd going easily.

Whilst soaking up some sun before alt-rock formation Arcane Roots is doing their acoustic session, we had the time to see Nothington with their new recruit Joe McMahon on bass guitar, as well as Canadian skate punks Belvedere.
Unfortunately, it takes Arcane Roots even longer to set up an electric drum kit and piano, delaying their set with more than fifteen minutes. When they eventually started, a lot of people already left the small tent, and besides not being acoustic, their slow-tempo songs were a weird fit on the festival.


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Next up at the American Socks are the visitors of Groezrock with Punk Rock Karaoke: not acoustic either, but a lot of fun and a nice break in between seeing all the great bands at the other stages with one of them being Mobina Galore. The Canadian power punk duo already blasted out an incredible set at the Watch Out Stage, and has a fully packed tent for their acoustic session as well. Although their acoustic renditions miss some of the power, songs like “Vancouver” and “Better Days” well thanks to drummer Marcia Hanson accompanying Jenna Prieston vocally. As a bonus – thanks to someone asking beforehand – the ladies also play the Distillers song “Dismantle Me“, showing their musical abilities even more.

And even though the next band is more about partying, Zebrahead too have the musical ability. Although it takes a little while before they can start – they are doing the acoustic session with the whole band – everybody is waiting patiently for them. Just like the day before during F.O.D. and The 101’s, Zebrahead get everybody jumping up and down, shaking the American Socks stand to its core, making it even hard to take pictures.
The party punks let the crowd choose some songs, which end up being “Playmate of the Year” and “Hell Yeah“, with an intermission of Matty playing George Michael’s “Faith“. And although Jeff Rosenstock is already playing on the Watch Out Stage next to the American Socks stand, nobody is willing to walk away from the party. Before Zebrahead calls it quits, they even give away a signed guitar for the one lucky fan to pick their last song, obviously being “Anthem“.

Making up for not playing on the Saturday of Groezrock, Boston Manor is the last one to perform at the American Socks stand. The young British guys also gave their all during their set on the Watch Out Stage, but they have had some time to rest before the acoustic session. The same faces that were so disappointed yesterday, are now smiling when the band comes on. Their songs “Lead Feet”, “Driftwood” and “Laika” lend themselves well for acoustic renditions, and front man Henry Cox‘ vocals sound almost better with just cleans than with the rough edge in the originals. It is not the first time for Boston Manor to do acoustic sessions, and they play with an noticeable ease, which makes you wonder when they will release a full acoustic album.

Read our review of Day 1 here.



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