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Joey Cape to Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting

banner Groezrock Campfest 2013

Joey Cape, vocalist of Lagwagon, will be playing the third edition of the Acoustic Punk Meeting, hosted by North Empire Bookings on the camping site of Groezrock. Check below for more details. Continue reading

Acoustic stage on Groezrock 2013

BIG NEWS! No dates yet for Groezrock 2013, but programmer/festival boss Hans Maes let us know that next year Groezrock will definitely have an Acoustic Stage again! A “definite yes” popped in our e-mail as a response to our question if ┬áthe Belgian punk/hardcore festival would continue the Acoustic stage, that made it’s debut in 2012.

Recordings Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting

We’ve been at the Groezrock Acoustic Punk Meeting that was organised by North Empire Bookings. Although we don’t have recordings of everyone that performed there, we do have some tunes. Listen to Versus The World, Communicaution, Rob Lynch, Sweet Empire, Slowyear and Oliver John Ward. Continue reading