Album Review: Reel Big Fish – Skacoustic

Fish fans already heard about half of Reel Big Fish‘ album Skacoustic, before it came out last year. Fourteen songs already featured on their 2010 “Best Of…” album, but with Skacoustic they released another load of acoustic versions. Skacoustic: the name sounds fantastic, but does it also sound right? Find out!

When Aaron Bennett and co. start with Sell Out it sounds like the band took old recordings, threw out the electric guitar of the master and re-recorded them with the acoustic guitar. Reel Big Fish still sounds the same, even though they play the song acoustic. Only after a few songs it becomes clear they DID record Skacoustic the proper way.

The acoustic versions of Another F.U. Song, The Kids Don’t Like It and New Version Of You are the highlights of this album. Ofcourse, every song Reel Big Fish plays is worth a party, but I can not say the band did something different from their normal albums. Oh, and too bad for cd/vinyl collecters… You can only get the album as a digital.


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