Story Of The Year comeback: acoustic Page Avenue


Story Of The Year is back after their hiatus and bringing some good news: an acoustic version of Page Avenue and a ten-year anniversary world tour! Read on for more information.

The acoustic version of Page Avenue will be called “PAGE AVENUE: 10 Years and Counting“.  Story Of The Year describes:

"It's a full acoustic re-imagining of Page Avenue. It's borderline inappropriate to call it an acoustic record, because it's so much more than that. We recorded the album with acoustic guitars, pianos, crazy big drums and really cool, artistic programming and arrangements. It's a really cool take on these songs that mean so much to us."

The release date for 10 Years and Counting will be announced soon. The band has updated it’s website and  is also working on a follow-up for 2010’s “The Constant“. The full statement by the band can be read here.

Story Of The Year on:  Facebook Twitter  Spotify  Story Of The Year's own site



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