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City and Colour

City and Colour has posted details on his upcoming album, which will be titled ‘The Hurry and The Harm‘.  Read on for more details, including release date and artwork.

The Hurry and The Harm will be in stores on May 31 in Australia and Germany and June 1st in Europe. The worldwide release date is June 4th, just in time for his European tour starting June 5th. There will be a deluxe version for iTunes, containing 3 extra songs.

The producer for The Hurry and The Harm is Alex Newport, who also worked with Dallas Green for his album ‘Little Hell‘. The backing band he worked with consists of Jack Lawrence (bass), Matt Chamberlain and James Gadson (drums), Bo Koster (keys), Spencer Cullum Jr. (pedal steel) and Anthony Lamarchina & Karen Winkelmann (strings).

Dallas the artwork: "I never thought I'd want a picture of myself on the cover of a record, but here we are. I sent Dustin Rabin one of my favorite lyrics on the record and the album artwork was born: 'I've always been dark, with light somewhere in the distance.'"

For the whole announcement, you can check his post on Facebook.

Track Listing:
01. The Hurry and The Harm
02. Harder Than Stone
03. Of Space and Time
04. The Lonely Life
05. Paradise
06. Commentators
07. Thirst
08. Two Coins
09. Take Care
10. Ladies and Gentlemen
11. The Golden State
12. Death’s Song

City and Colour on:  Facebook Twitter  Spotify  City and Colour's own site

The Hurry and The Harm



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