Album Review: Mark McCabe – A Good Way To Bury Bad News

Mark McCabe - AGWTBBN
January has already passed, and it is so easy to miss something. However, you do not want to miss out on
Mark McCabe‘s second full-length. A Good Way To Bury Bad News was released on January 20, and sets the bar high for upcoming acoustic releases.

First thing you notice when turning this record on is McCabe his accent. And in the same way this has worked for Frightened Rabbit, Biffy Clyro, The Waterboys and more, the Scottish accent works for the young Scotchman. As the album title might already reveal, A Good Way To Bury Bad News (AGWTBBN) is not full of sunshine and happiness, but with melancholic singer-songwriter showmanship material.

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It is as if McCabe got stuck somewhere in between City and Colour and Frank Turner and meanwhile studied their every movement, musically speaking. AGWTBBN has that easy-listening vibe, even with the more up-tempo songs “Catch The Wind” and “My Disguise Is Better Than Yours“, whilst the others are the kind of tracks that unwillingly nest in your brain, but really grow on you. Only downside: it seems as if there has been a recording or producing error in “This City And I Have A Lot In Common“. Overlook that and AGWTBBN is a must have for the collection.


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