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Album Review: Cory Branan – The No-Hit Wonder

banner Cory Branan

The title of Cory Branan‘s newest full-length sounds a bit unsettling. Does Branan imply that this album – “The No-Hit Wonder” –  has no hit potential at all? Or does he mean he can make it far without ever having a main-stream hit? Especially with Chuck Ragan saying Branan is “the greatest songwriter of our generation”. Here is our verdict. Continue reading


Album Review: The Homeless Gospel Choir – I Used To Be So Young

banner The Homeless Gospel Choir - I Used To Be Young

Chris #2 of Anti-Flag signed fellow Pittsburgher Derek Zanetti (also known as The Homeless Gospel Choir) after seeing him play a couple of times in his hometown. The same man produced Zanetti’s A-F Records debut “I Used To Be So Young“. And if you thought Anti-Flag could sing protest songs, take a listen to this album. Here’s why: Continue reading

Album Review: Mark McCabe – A Good Way To Bury Bad News

Mark McCabe - AGWTBBN
January has already passed, and it is so easy to miss something. However, you do not want to miss out on
Mark McCabe‘s second full-length. A Good Way To Bury Bad News was released on January 20, and sets the bar high for upcoming acoustic releases.

Continue reading

Album Review: Tim Vantol – If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!

banner Tim Vantol

He has said he is the slowest songwriter ever, but four years after his debut, Tim Vantol‘s second full-length is finally here: “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!“. The Dutch singer is known for his punk lyrics accompanied by singalong melodies. Will it work for him once more on the new album? Check our review below. Continue reading

Album Review: Alcoa – Bone & Marrow

Alcoa - Bone & Marrow

Now here’s an album fans were waiting for! Alcoa has always been a sort of background project of Derek Archambault. He might sound more familiar to you when he’s screaming at the top of his lungs in Defeater. Well, Alcoa is nothing alike. Archambault has traded in the hardcore punk vocals for a much smoother and softer voice. This is the first full length album Alcoa releases after a demo and a single. But it’s here:  ‘Bone & Marrow’. Read on for the review. Continue reading