Album Review: Old Coyote Club – The Clubhouse Sessions

banner Old Coyote Club
Founded mid 2013, hailing from  Norfolk, United Kingdom;  Old Coyote Club have released their debut EP called “The Clubhouse Sessions”. And it is a sign of things to come! Read our review here.

The Clubhouse Sessions contains three songs that have a very raw feeling to it, the way other UK artists in this genre like Crazy Arm and Frank Turner also tend to have. Having said that, Old Coyote Club is not at the same level as their fellow countrymen… yet.

This EP is a good introduction of their band and shows a lot of potential. They are planning to release new stuff this summer. So if you like a raw English voice, fast playing acoustic guitars and a pint of Lager on a Sunday morning, keep your eyes and ears on these guys!

“The Clubhouse Sessions” is free for download below.

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