Max William announces new album

banner Max William

Who? Yes, Max William has announced second full-length. Even though you might not have heard of him before, this singer-songwriter from the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom) has built quite the reputation opening for Koji, I Am The Avalanche, Elway, PUP, Alcoa, Into It. Over It., Muncie Girls, Great Cynics, Moose Blood and many more. Curious? Please read on.

William’s second album “Long Distances” will be out August 1 on CD and “pay-what-you-want” download and will be released through Mask vs. Mask Records. You can pre-order the CD here. You can check out the song “Twenties” here.

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1. Pain And The Panic
2. Pacemaker
3. Narrow Birth
4. Cabin Fever
5. Immortality
6. My Strongest Organ
7. Squanderer
8. Mirror Writing
9. Ink Stains
10. Twenties

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