Bearded Punk and AcoustiX ‘n Stones proudly present….

banner Ducking Punches 3

Bearded Punk and AcoustiX ‘n Stones are joining forces to bring you an acoustic night with Ducking Punches, Bad Ideas and The Lion and the Wolf! For more details on the show, please read on!

Prior to the Ducking Punches full band tour in April, Dan Allen hits the road with Sam Cook of Bad Ideas and Tom George, also known as The Lion and the Wolf.

Together with Bearded Punk we will be hosting the only Dutch date on the tour, which will be on March 9th in Café Extase in Tilburg. Tickets for the show will be available at the door for €4.

For more details, please view our Facebook event.

Ducking Punches on: Facebook  Twitter  Spotify

Bad Ideas on:  Facebook Twitter  Spotify

The Lion and the Wolf on: Facebook Twitter Spotify



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