Ben Hughes (Night Windows) to release ten years of music

banner Ben Hughes

So, apparently Ben Hughes of Night Windows has been hoarding songs for a whole decade – and is releasing all of it this year! Each month of 2015, Hughes will be releasing an album, with his second one “No Dial Tone” out today. Listen to it below.

In January, Hughes already released “I Never Meant to Come Off That Way“, which is also available on his Bandcamp.

When asked why he has not released any of this music before, he explains that when he started out in 2005, there were not that many platforms to get your music out there. Also, being in other bands he was more dedicated to those, while his solo music was stacking up.

“It’s funny. It’s making me feel a little bit like a historian,” Hughes said. “I do like history. I watch the history channel and all that stuff. It’s cool going back through all of the old journals.”

His next album will be released early March.

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