Skinny Lister eating jellied eels in new music video “Cathy”

banner Skinny Lister

I hope you have had a decent meal before watching the new Skinny Lister video for “Cathy”.  In the video the band members race each other in a jellied eel eating contest. Want to see who wins? Watch the video after the jump.

Skinny Lister’s new album “Down On Deptford Broadway” comes out 20 April 2015 through Xtra Mile Recordings (pre-order here).

1. Raise A Wreck
2. Trouble On Oxford Street
3. George’s Glass
4. What Can I Say
5. Cathy
6. Six Whiskies
7. This Is War
8. Ten Thousand Voices
9. Bonny Away
10.Bold As Brass
11. This City
12. The Dreich

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