Mike Moak acoustic on After The Fall 7-inch

banner Mike Moak

After The Fall front man Mike Moak has recorded acoustic versions of “Dedication” and “Indian Ladder” for the B-side of After The Fall’s new 7-inch. Listen to the two songs below!

“Dedication” and “Indian Ladder” are both After The Fall songs, recorded for a 7-inch released on Paper + Plastick, released April 7.  The acoustic version will be featured on the single’s B-side. Both tracks also appear on After The Fall’s upcoming album – also called “Dedication” – which will be out through Bridge Nine on May 12.

The song “Dedication” features guest vocals by Chad Price (ALL/Drag the River) and Jon Snodgrass (Scorpios/Drag the River), plus Karl Alvarez (Descendents/ALL) on bass*.

*only on full-band performance

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