Martyn Crocker announcing album, streaming “Listen”

banner Martyn Crocker

It is always good to see new faces, and Martyn Crocker is one of them. Crocker will be releasing his full-length “Honesty and Ambition” over the weekend of March 5-8, and is currently streaming his first song “Listen”. You can hear the song below.

“Honesty and Ambition” will be out on cd and casette, with the latter as a very limited edition (10 blue, 10 orange casette), sold over here.
All thanks go to Punktastic, for without them we would not have known about Crocker.

1. Honesty
2. Lanes
3. Haven’t You Heard?
4. Where Do We Go?
5. Stanley Alpha
6. Listen
7. Loner
8. Today’s Truth
9. Ambition
10. Figure Me Out
11. Developments
12. People Watching
13. I Am Happy With Your Life

Martyn Crocker on:  Facebook  Twitter



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