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Album Review: Martyn Crocker – Favouritism

Favouritism” is the full band debut album by Martyn Crocker, a Plymouth-based musician playing semi-acoustic rock with a smattering of pop-punk flavours in the vein of groups like This Wild Life. Crocker daylights as a secondary school music teacher, and to that light an appropriate and carefully directive demeanour is belied through his songs. Read our review below! Continue reading


AcoustiXclusive: Martyn Crocker – Honesty and Ambition

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Previously known under the name This Calamity, Plymouth singer-songwriter Martyn Crocker has chosen to continue under his own name. His album Honesty and Ambition is out now and exclusively streaming here at AcoustiX ‘n Stones! Listen to the record below! Continue reading

Martyn Crocker announcing album, streaming “Listen”

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It is always good to see new faces, and Martyn Crocker is one of them. Crocker will be releasing his full-length “Honesty and Ambition” over the weekend of March 5-8, and is currently streaming his first song “Listen”. You can hear the song below. Continue reading