AcoustiXclusive: Martyn Crocker – Honesty and Ambition

banner Martyn Crocker 2
Previously known under the name This Calamity, Plymouth singer-songwriter Martyn Crocker has chosen to continue under his own name. His album Honesty and Ambition is out now and exclusively streaming here at AcoustiX ‘n Stones! Listen to the record below!

As This Calamity, Crocker already released the EP “Honesty” with tracks that also appear on his new album, but he showed his ambition and persistence and added seven more tracks to make it a full-length.

You can get the album on CD and very limited cassette (10 blue, 10 orange) over at Crocker’s web store. Also check the video for “Lanes” below.

Martyn Crocker on:  Facebook  Twitter



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