Yotam (Useless ID) streams tribute song “Tony Sly”

banner Yotam

Israeli punk singer Yotam of Useless ID is releasing his sophomore solo album “California Sounds” on October 30, and is now streaming his tribute to late-No Use For A Name front man Tony Sly. Listen to the song below.

The tribute song is simply titled “Tony Sly” and really shows how much Sly is missed.

1. Days of Living
2. Where is The Time
3. California Sounds
4. Heaven Sent
5. Silver and Gold
6. Platonic
7. Catastrophe
8. Tony Sly
9. Grandfather
10. Young Man Bones
11. Crawling (Bonus Track)

“California Sounds” will be out through Hardline Entertainment, who also released Yotam’s solo debut “Distant Lover” in 2012.

Yotam on: Facebook Twitter Spotify



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