New song + album Beans on Toast

banner Beans On Toast 2015

British busker Beans on Toast has released a new video of a new song of a new album. Listen to and watch “The Great American Novel” below.

Jay McAllister, the man under the moniker, will be releasing his new album “Rolling up The Hill” as usual on his birthday, December 1. The pre-order is already up through Xtra Mile Recordings, available here.

“Rolling up The Hill” is the successor to “The Grand Scheme of Things”, that came out only a year ago on December 1.

1. The Mudhills Crew
2. Robin Hood Costume
3. I’m Home When You Hold Me
4. The Great American Novel
5. Driving Me Crazy
6. The Industrial Estate
7. God Is A Cartoonist
8. The Art Of Friendship
9. Afrikaburn
10. Number And Words
11. A Bit More Track In The Moniter
12. Middleageman

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