Album Review: Ducking Punches – Fizzy Brain

banner Ducking Punches Fizzy Brain

There are a lot of acoustic acts emerging from the United Kingdom since the rise of Frank Turner, but Norwich’s Ducking Punches has been around for quite a while now. Although “Fizzy Brain” is only the band’s second full-length, the first release of music is already five years ago. Read the full review here.

“Fizzy Brain” is the successor of “Dance Before You Sleep”, which was released only 1.5 year ago. That album was the first time front man Dan Allen had gathered a full band for a release and plays with them ever since. And even though “Dance Before You Sleep” was already a big change with past work, you truly can hear the transformation from solo artist to full band on “Fizzy Brain”.

Where Ducking Punches’ debut album put Dan Allen on the foreground, he now blends in more with the band. Of course there are still some tracks where Dan’s acoustic guitar jumps out – like in “JFH” and “House Guest” – but it is no longer the main instrument in the recordings. Bass player Sophie Porter even sings main vocals on “Taking Back The Living Room“. The band has definitely matured.

1. Greedy Bones
2. Fizzy Brain
3. Drinking Outside Funerals
4. It’s Not Over Yet Friends
5. Fun Fun Fun
6. JFH
7. God Damn Coward
8. Heathers
9. Taking Back The Living Room
10. House Guest
11. Hurts Like Hell

That they have grown, comes back in the lyrics as well. Even more than on its predecessor, “Fizzy Brain” tells some deep personal stories, but ones most people can relate to. Like “Drinking Outside Funerals”, which is about too much trouble in the recent past, and you want a brighter future. Or “JFH”, which Allen wrote about his friend Jack, who committed suicide. Or where most punks scream they will never grow up, Allen sings in “Heathers“: 'You told me when I grow up, I'll be a better man. I hope I grow up soon.'

Guided by catchy riffs, melodic violins and parts everyone can sing along to easily, “Fizzy Brain” is an album that grows on you rapidly. They have done it again.


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