Harker releases video “23”

banner Harker band 2

Brighton’s punk outfit Harker got signed to Paper + Plastick, has an EP coming up and has now released a video for one of those new songs. Check “23” below.

“23” is the first song of “A Lifetime Apart, which will be out November 30 through the new European division of Paper + Plastick, and can be pre-ordered here.

1. 23
2. Certain To Spill
3. Sleepy Eyed
4. Nightmare Fuel

In the meanwhile, the band also has a four-way split single coming out with Walk the PlankNo Fun and Such Gold in February 2016, featuring the song “Sometimes Dead Is Better“. That single will be released by Flix Records and No Panic! Records, with the pre-order already running online.

Harker on: Facebook  Twitter Spotify



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