AcoustiXclusive: Arms & Hearts – I, Malcontent

banner Arms & Hearts

photo copyright by Friswell Photography

Northwich novice Steve Millar, otherwise known as Arms & Hearts, will be releasing his EP “Set in Stone” on November 25. We are happy to premiere one of the five tracks: “I, Malcontent“. Stream the new song below.

Millar, heavily influenced by Brian Fallon, Chuck RaganDave Hause and others alike, dropped his backing band to continue his music as a solo artist. “Set in Stone” is the first work he will be putting out since that choice. It tells Millar’s journey as a musician, set against lyrical themes of despondency, purposeless youthful drifting and some occasional bleak thoughts, which may seem odd compared to Arms & Hearts positive vibe, but Millar seams them together perfect.

1. Lost
2. I, Malcontent
3. The Rain
4. Dust And Bone
5. Take No Prisoners

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