Album Review: Harker – A Lifetime Apart

banner Harker - A Lifetime Apart

The latest release by Brighton-based act Harker shows they may not be the most innovative of bands. Nevertheless, “A Lifetime Apart” leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. Read why after the jump.

With a great mix of punk rock along the lines of The Loved Ones, Hot Water Music and even Chixdiggit (accompanied at times by NOFX-like repeating lines), Harker impresses from the get-go with “A Lifetime Apart”.

1. 23
2. Certain To Spill
3. Sleepy Eyed
4. Nightmare Fuel

The pop-infused punk rock is as melodic and sharp as ever, proven right from the first track and single “23”. Followup “Certain To Spill” sounds like a true live anthem, and with “Sleepy Eyed” these UK boys prove to possess the ability to handle more personal subjects and nuanced arrangements. The riff in “Nightmare Fuel” finally rips it all open again, once again convincing with a four track record.

With “A Lifetime Apart”, Harker simply proves that you do not have to be revolutionary to be just goddamn good.


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