Album Review: Tim Vantol – Burning Desires

Tim Vantol has set the bar high for his third album “Burning Desires“. The Dutch songwriter’s sophomore album “If We Go Down, We Go Together” has made a lasting impression throughout the whole of Europe. Read our review of “Burning Desires” below.

It has been two years since Tim’s second album, and there is a notable difference in his songwriting. From opener “Till the End” until the end the tracks have more guts, more spunk. With a few exceptions the tempo is quite a few notches up, and that gives Vantol’s music a fresh vibe.

Next to that, Tim seems to have a knack for writing catchy tunes. The heavily folk and country inspired tracks “Why Shouldn’t You” and “We’re Not Gonna Make It” make you want to dance at one of his concerts and sing along every word.

1. Till the End
2. Why Shouldn't You
3. A Little That We Knew
4. Restless
5. We're Not Gonna Make It
6. Lost in the Unknown
7. Let it Pour
8. Burning Desires
9. The Hardway
10. 67' in Broken White

Yet, the most impressive song on “Burning Desires” is the quiet “Let it Pour“, which is like an oasis of serenity amidst the energetic sing-alongs. Maybe it was deliberately put in between to create some rest in the record, but it definitely works.

Tim has put in many different elements in his third full-length, ranging from folk and country to punk (“The Hardway“), and seems to know what to do in every genre. It makes “Burning Desires” an interesting follow-up to “If We Go Down…” and makes me wonder what else will follow Tim on his path. One thing is for sure, it will get even more interesting.

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