Groezrock announces Acoustic Sessions

Belgium’s punk and harcore festival Groezrock has announced it’s acoustic sessions at the American Socks stand. Joe McMahonThe FlatlinersRed City Radio, and Tim Vantol will be playing the smallest stage on the festival site amongst others. For the full line-up as well as the times they are playing, please read on.

On both days of Groezrock, the American Socks stage will be hosting several acoustic performances. Keep in mind, that the tent is quite small, so if you want to make sure to see one of the bands, be early.

If you have not got your tickets yet, get them here.

Joe McMahon (Nothington/Smoke or Fire) - 1.20 pm
Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost) - 2.30 pm
The Flatliners - 3.45 pm
Red City Radio - 5.00 pm
Forever Saturday - 6.20 pm
F.O.D. - 7.40 pm
The 101's - 9.10 pm

Tim Vantol - 1.15 pm
Arcane Roots - 3.30 pm
Punk Rock Karaoke - 4.40 pm
Mobina Galore - 6.00 pm
Zebrahead - 7.20 pm
Boston Manor - 8.50 pm

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