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Free download Ducking Punches – Dance Before You Sleep

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In the case you have not gotten Ducking Punches‘ full-length “Dance Before You Sleep” yet, get it now! You can download the album for free(!) through No Panic! Records‘ bandcamp. Continue reading


Ducking Punches writing new album

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Ducking Punches‘ first full-length “Dance Before You Sleep” was only released this year, but Dan Allen and companions are already working on its follow-up. Continue reading

New video Ducking Punches: Big Brown Pills From Lynn

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Straight from the UK, Ducking Punches has revealed their new video to the public. “Big Brown Pills From Lynn” is the first video single of “Dance Before You Sleep”, which was first released in February. Continue reading

Album Review: Ducking Punches – Dance Before You Sleep

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When you say Ducking Punches, you say Do It Yourself. I mean, the guy even wrote a song about it. The same goes for his new album, “Dance Before You Sleep“, which has been recorded, mixed and on hard copies within just two weeks. And you don’t have a label for the album? Why not do the first run on your own? Here’s our review of “Dance Before You Sleep”! Continue reading

Ducking Punches album preview

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Dan Allen and comrades just finished recording, mixing and mastering the new Ducking Punches album “Dance Before You Sleep”, and are already giving us a sneak peek at what it will be. Hurry up though, as the three songs will only be online for a few days. Listen to three of the tracks below. Continue reading