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Pre-order new single Harker “Gasping For Air” online

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Harker‘s new single “Gasping For Air” is up for grabs through the webstore! Also, you can listen to the B-side “Still Seething” after the jump!

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Harker to release new single “Gasping For Air”

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Harker has never sounded as complete as they do on their new single “Gasping For Air“. Wondering how it sounds? Stream the song after the jump!

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Disconnect Disconnect presents UK compilation

banner UNITED compilationWhoever wants to get familiar with the UK Punk scene, can now download a free compilation called “UNITED“, presented by Disconnect Disconnect Records. The playlist also contains acoustic acts like Ducking PunchesHarker and The Lion and the Wolf, Stream the whole collection of songs after the jump. Continue reading

Max William streams new song featuring Harker

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Isle of Wight-based Max William has his album “Long Distances” coming out in less than a month, and so he is giving us yet another preview. Listen to “Squanderer” below. Continue reading

Album Review: Harker – Hours

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With a total of 13:12 minutes, Harker‘s new EP “Hours” has quite the misleading title. It is not even enough for the so-called 15 minutes of fame. But this EP does not fall short. Here is why…
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