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AcoustiXclusive: Old Man Markley – Feel Good Song of the Year

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Today – 31 July – it is two years ago that Tony Sly of No Use For A Name and Scorpios passed away. Old Man Markley did a video with us in February and paid tribute to the man, covering “Feel Good Song of the Year”. Watch it below! Continue reading


Remember Tony Sly (1970-2012)

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It has been two years since No Use For A Name-frontman Tony Sly passed away at the age of 41. A major blow to the punk rock world, and of course his family and friends. Today we remember Anthony Sly. Continue reading

AcoustiXclusive: Old Man Markley

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When we were at Groezrock, we met up with Old Man Markley. They were standing outside their dressing room, not able to go in. Oh well, they thought, let’s play music. And so we have another AcoustiXclusive for you: Old Man Markley – For Better For Worse backstage at Groezrock. Check the video below. Continue reading