Album review: A Loss For Words – Returning to Webster Lake

And all of a sudden the acoustic trip for A Loss For Words was there: the second acoustic EP, Returning to Webster Lake. A surprise release on Tuesday, featuring five of their own songs and three covers  performed acoustic. In 2008, the band put out their first acoustic EP, called Webster Lake. Is returning worth it? Let’s find out.

At their first visit to Webster Lake, A Loss For Words had acoustic versions of their own songs, but they were not really that different from the originals. Returning four years later, they learned something from that. Okay, it is still the same song, but definitely something else due to different guitar strokes and more vocal harmonies.

Added to all of that, We Are In The Crowd‘s Taylor Jardine sings along beautifully in Finite, while ex-Vanna guitarist/singer Evan Pharmakis sings along with Matt Arsenault in Raining Excuses, being a great combination.

Returning to Webster Lake on Spotify

You also have to hand it to A Loss For Words for picking the right covers. So Contagious (Acceptance), All I Want Is You (Miguel) and Soulmate (No Use For A Name) fit their own acoustic songs perfectly. They suit Returning to Webster Lake. It seems a visit to the Massachusetts based lake is worth the travel.


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